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We specialize in the unique commercial models

We have been a Lindhaus dealer for over 20 years and admired their Italian-made quality throughout that time. Because Lindhaus has a large presence in the commercial market in Europe, they offer machines that are truly innovative for the American market. We have access to models such as their backpack vacuum, large electric sweeper (in stock) and the bare floor machine.

Triflex HX1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Lindhaus LS38L-ion

The Ion Electric Commercial Sweeper is a super vacuum, being able to pick up paper clips and even pens and pencils! Check out the details of this unique sweeper.

About Lindhaus

The Lindhaus vacuum cleaner was started in the mid-80’s with one goal: engineer and build the best domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners in the world. Lindhaus is manufactured in Padova, Italy where they even make their own motors.

In 1992, Lindhaus USA opened a warehouse/office facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota to distribute domestic, commercial and health care vacuum cleaners to the North American market.