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Tech Stain Remover

We have carried Tech Stain Remover for over 35 years so we knew a great product when we saw it. It is a colorless, odorless and totally safe for humans and pets. Can be used pretty much anywhere including as a laundry pre-wash, car seats and even flooring. This product was ‘green’ before anyone even created the term!

Available in quarts and gallons. Our loyal customers and employees are a testament to this wonderful stain remover.


These are truly the best cleaning products you’ve never heard of. We have sold the Kleenco line for over 35 years and are the only retailer of their products in NC. While they make over 100 different products, we sell what we feel are the most useful to the everyday homeowner, odor eliminator (in 3 different scents) and pet urine stain remover.

What sets the odor eliminator (Kitty Scram or Maxim) is its unique molecular make-up to destroy, not cover up, the odors whether it’s cat urine or stinky teenager sports equipment! We are happy to special order case quantities of any Kleenco product you’re interested in.

Moso Bamboo Bags

The Moso Bag is a natural way to absorb odors and freshen the air. The bag contains only one ingredient: pure Moso bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal contains millions of tiny pores that can attract and absorb odors, bacteria, chemicals and moisture from the air like a magnetic sponge. The Moso Bag is completely safe, non-toxic and fragrance free. Each bag will freshen your air for up to two years. When you’re done, simply cut open the bag and dump the contents into your plant beds or houseplant soil.

We carry all the popular color bags as well as the shoe and refrigerator bags.

Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave® natural odor removing products use simple, pure, and natural ingredients — water and extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood — to get rid of the smelliest odors.

Each product is tough on odors but gentle on people and the planet. It’s even safe to use around kids and pets. All of their sprays, gels and scent ‘beads’ are biodegradable. We also offer the new Lavender line for a different twist of their flagship product.