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What separates us from the Big Box stores, the Internet or even our competitors in the area is how and why we select the brands we do. There has been great upheaval with vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the last couple of years but there’s one thing that stands out among the brands we carry: family ownership, just like us. Brands like Miele, Sebo and Riccar aren’t household names but are some of the best on the market so that’s why we carry them.

We’ve been a Miele dealer since 1988 and that has been our primary brand for much of that time. Miele and Sebo are both German brands, and Riccar is manufactured in Missouri. All of these companies take great pride in the quality of the products and produce a large array of models.

Personalized Service

From these companies, we handpick the models that we feel will best to satisfy and delight you, our customer.

Because of the attention to detail and many features on these vacuum cleaners, we’ve learned over the last 36 years that if we take the time to explain and demonstrate what best fits your needs, you’ll enjoy your vacuum much more over the many years of ownership.

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