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Carpet Cleaner Rental

We have two different types of machines available. Although we happily accept walk-in rentals, we suggest reserving the machine you desire particularly during the weekends.

Our prices are competitive with the chain stores but the difference is we check and clean each machine when it’s returned.

Rental Agreement

Rentals are for a 24-hour period beginning with the date and time stamp of your receipt.
No cash rentals, credit card only.
Rentals picked up on a Saturday are an exception, Sunday is FREE and the rental is due back by 11am on the following Monday.
Rentals should be returned in good condition. Any abuse or broken parts of the unit are subject to additional fees to repair the unit.
Rentals that are not returned on time are subject to additional rental fees; unless the renter has communicated with the rental company for a delayed return hour the day it is due back and grace is extended.
Rental units not returned on time and no communication has transpired, and are 48 hours past due are subject to the value of the rental unit being charged to the renter’s account.
All of these terms a noted on the customers rental receipt along with the type of unit rented and serial number. The transaction and payment for the rental is acknowledgement of all of these rules.

Sanitaire Commercial Upright

Best for carpets only

No attachments

$25 + tax

Sebo Commercial Upright

Best for carpets

Onboard attachments

$35 + tax

Canister - Straight Suction

Best for bare floors and above floor cleaning

Hose, wand, floor brush, 3 accessory tools

$35 + tax

Canister w/pn

Cleans all surfaces

Elec-hose, elec-wand, power carpet nozzle, bare floor blush, 3 accessory tools

$45 + tax

Carpet Express Extractor

Wet washing of carpet

Shampoo and/or stain removers extra


Sebo Duo Carpet Cleaner Machine

'Dry' carpet cleaning

Cleaning compound extra


Carpet Cleaner Rental Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction

Our Carpet Express machines — commonly referred to as steam cleaners —use hot water extraction to clean the carpet.
Carpet Cleaner Rental Sebo Duo


The SEBO Duo machine which brushes a moist compound through the carpet fibers to extract the dirt. You then vacuum up the material once it’s dry – usually within an hour.